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Strategic planning

Innovative Strategies - USA & Latam

Well-defined targets provide an organization purpose to implement innovative strategies. A winning value proposition can lead to exponential growth, leveraging technologies to achieve maximum impact and returns.

Business Model - USA & Latam

We help you to solve a business model from the top down. If you define correctly “who” and “where” of a business model you can establish a solution that competes and scales up in the market.

Go-to-market Strategies - USA & Latam

As emerging technologies and changing demographics continue to reshape the markets, how should your product reach the consumers? how will your product deliver value to create a sustainable market? Let’s work together!


Product registrations

Pharma and Cosmetics - Latam

All pharmaceutical and cosmetics products must be distributed with proper marketing authorization. Now you can cut the cost and reduce the time spent collecting all information required, Weitzel Business as an advising regulatory company helps to get your authorization faster.

Medical Devices - Latam

Medical device companies spend months gathering information from several sources and preparing product registration submissions, frequently only to be rejected by health authorities. Weitzel Business as an advising regulatory company solves that problem.

Disinfectants - Latam

Latin American market captures about 10% of the worldwide surface disinfectant market. The increasing popularity of the use is one of the driving forces of the industry. There are still many opportunities and niche markets that we can help you to develop.


Import & labelings

Local Agent Authorizations - Latam

We provide instant access to accurate regulatory intelligence regarding local agent qualifications of an importer or distributor for pharmaceutical, cosmetics products, and medical devices.

Customs and Warehousing - Latam

We can help to obtain the issuance of Certificate of Customs Destination and Authorization of Use and Disposal for Imported Products, enabling to comply with all steps of the application. 

Quality and Safety - Latam

As we constantly monitor local regulatory changes, reducing time to market and risk levels over competitors, we help our clients to make decisions faster and with more confidence.

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